Diabetes Mellitus –The Role Of Daniel’s Diabetic Program


Diabetes Mellitus, or Diabetes as it widely called, is a long-term condition that affects the production of insulin by the pancreas, which results in the failure of sugar and glucose being stored as energy. This sugar gets stored in the blood and urine, thereby affecting the tiny blood vessels in kidneys, heart, eyes or nervous system. If left untreated, this may lead to heart disease, stroke, kidney failure, eye blindness and nerve damage. Diabetes mellitus can be categorized as mainly as Type 1 diabetes and Type 2 diabetes and gestational diabetes. There are several medications to control the effect of diabetes; there is hardly any complete solution to diabetes. In this scenario of diabetes today Brad Lemley has written the Daniel’s Diabetic Miracle, a diabetic treatment program. Watch out the supporting facts in the link http://nutritionstudies.org/.

What are the causes of Diabetes Mellitus?
Diabetes in general is caused due to the increased insulin levels or no insulin level. The causes of type 1 diabetes are unknown. But, it is thought that some factor genetically or by the environment, affects the insulin production, resulting in decreased insulin or no insulin production. But the actual cause of Type 1 diabetes is still unclear and is still under research. The general cause of type 2 diabetes is that the cells become resistant to the action of insulin, or the pancreas is unable to secrete enough insulin to overcome this resistance, thereby leading to accumulation of sugar in the bloodstream. Like Type 1, Genetic and environmental facts contribute to this cause. The cause of gestational diabetes is pregnancy. Because, during pregnancy, the placenta produces hormones, that makes the cells resistant to insulin, thereby resulting in increased insulin secretion by the pancreas to overcome the resistance.

How does Daniel’s Diabetes Miracle come to this scene?
In general, blood sugar level increases after taking a meal. A normal person is safe from this increase in blood sugar, as it is regulated by the insulin hormone. But it is completely different in the case of a diabetic person. Since there is insufficient insulin or no insulin, this increase in sugar in the bloodstream is not controlled. Type 1 diabetes is featured with the absence of natural insulin synthesis whereas in Type 2 insulin resistance is developed. This is why a diabetes person faces major health issues when high carbohydrate and sugar rich food is taken. There are medications to maintain the sugar levels. But patients have to follow low sugar and carbohydrate diet. Fat intake should also be monitored. This is where Daniels diabetes miracle plays a role in solving the base of these problems by diabetic treatment program with diets and suggestions that not only would help in going far from diabetes but also in reducing weight.

What are the advantages of the diabetic diet plan?
The biggest advantage that Daniel’s Diabetic Miracle Guide offers is that it needs no medications, thereby any tablets or injections is needed and zero side effects. On following the diet plan and suggestions one can experience the benefit in a natural way.

Solutions for illness can be found by exploring history, religious aspects and beliefs. Daniel’s Diabetes Miracle Guide follows the gist from the religion to solve long-term diabetes through a healthy diet.

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